A lot of Halloween candy can do a lot of good


Did your child (children) get too much candy trick or treating?

Our daughter, Kyla on Sunday began her quest for sweets in West Allis with a friend from Irish dance class.

Then she returned to our Franklin neighborhood.  When she thought she was through for the day the doorbell rang (again) and two neighbor kids up the street who were off to a late start asked if she could walk with them and their mother.

Kevin instructed Kyla not to take any candy from any house she had already visited.

Three separate trick or treat occasions. Kyla’s haul was enormous.

Kids could devour their entire bags, of course. However, there are some options.

Image result

Each year Operation Gratitude sends more than 200,000 care packages filled with food, entertainment, hygiene, and handmade items, plus personal letters of appreciation to Veterans, First Responders, New Recruits,  Wounded Heroes, their Care Givers, and to individually named U.S. service members deployed overseas and their families waiting at home.

The packages include Halloween candy.

The drive for donations generally lasts a week.

Also, Middleton, Wisconsin-based dentist Dr. Chris Kammer began the website Halloween Candy Buy Back.com in 2005. Kammer has partnered with 10,000 doctors’ offices across the country. From their website:

Buybacks are held at local businesses, traditionally but not limited to dental offices. With the goal of removing excess Halloween candy from kids while supporting our troops, the Buyback is a great platform to help multiple causes while promoting your business!


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